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I was born on a farm in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia.  My life really began when my mommy and daddy picked me up in Sydney at eight weeks old. My daddy says I am the best thing that happened to them because they did not know what they were missing until I came along. I love my family and all the special times that we have shared together.

I love my dad for the discipline and training and brushing his daily. Dad’s always shown me how to be a gentleman by allowing the ladies to always go first. He taught me my manners and how to ‘speak’ and communicate properly. I love my mum for the safety, security and comfort she gives me and I always follow her around at home because I don’t ever want her to leave the house. I’m a bit clingy 😛 I love my family because in the short life I’ve lived thus far. I have experienced and created many memories with my family. I’ve seen the beach the sand, 5-star hotels, gourmet food, fine dining, designer shopping…. I was also lucky enough to to have witnessed my mum and dad’s 8 year anniversary together. I wonder where I’ll be in 8 years. Do you think I’ll have a girlfriend?


In a Nutshell


Meet the family

The dad

Krizy See

Entrepreneur (Fur dad) and Digital Creator, Krizy See is dedicated to leaving a digital footprint in the online space expressing his creativity in Websites and Design.

And me


Breed: Shmoodle (Maltese x Shihtzu x Poodle)
Sex: Male
Favourite Toy: Squeaky Toys
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Snack: Greenies

The mum

Jade Pham

Entrepreneur (and Fur mum) and one of Australia’s most-in-demand Nail Artist, Jade Pham is an Industry Disrupter who is dedicated to continuously innovate her craft and make a mark in the Nail Industry.

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