Fun Things to Do with Your Dog

As well as having fun and playing games with your dog, there are many other exciting ways of enjoying and spending time with your dog.

The following are some suggestions. Not all will be suitable for all dogs, so do not try something that would not be in the best interests of you or your dog.

In general, a friendly, well-adjusted, well-behaved dog with an enthusiastic, sensible owner will be able to enjoy more situations than a dog who is anti-social or badly behaved. You know your own dog. What would he enjoy?

1. Go For Walks

Walking your dog should form part of your daily life together. Walks should fulfil at least two functions:

  • Education and socialization. This includes road walking, meeting other dogs, going out and about and generally learning about how to behave in different social situations.
  • Releasing energy. This is when your dog is able to move more quickly, run, play and sniff. This is his time to be a dog and to use up some of his energy. If it is not appropriate for him to be off his harness, you must be more inventive in finding outlets for his energy.

2. Dog Shows

Many people enjoy attending dog shows. However, you do not need to own a show winner to compete. Exemption and Fun dog shows have classes for all dogs, not just pedigrees. There will be novelty classes such as ‘the dog with the waggiest tail’ and ‘dog in best condition’. It’s a great chance to have fun!

3. Car Travel

Lots of dogs like accompanying their owners on car trips. Provided that the weather is not too hot or too cold, this should be no problem. Ensure that your dog travels safely and is safely in a carrier to avoid jumping around or barking as this can be dangerous for both dog and driver.

4. Dress Him Up

One fun activity to enjoy indoors is to play dress up! There’s plenty of ways you can dress-up such as dressing him in dog clothes or putting on hats & sunglasses. The best part is that dogs love being dressed up!

5. Training Classes

A good training class should be interesting and fun for you and your dog. Find out about classes in your area. In addition to general pet-dog training, you may be interested in one of the competitive sports associated with dogs, such as agility, flyball, working trials or obedience.

6. Going Out To Eat

If you enjoy going out to eat, why not take your pet with you? With some restaurant etiquette and training, you can enjoy relaxing days out in restaurants. If restaurants in your area don’t allow dogs, pack a picnic bag and go to the park with your dog.

There should be no excuses not to take a break and have fun. These activities are not only good for you but for your dog too. Enjoy!


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