Health Issue That Haunt Small Dogs

No one wants to see their pup unwell. Though it’s bound to happen sometimes, these are some of the health issues that small dogs go through. While none of the following problems are by any means exclusive to smaller dogs, they do present additional challenges for small dogs and their owners.

  1. Teeth and Gum Problems

Lots of small dogs tend to develop teeth and gum issues which result in tooth loss. This is sometimes due to the fact that they are often fed canned food and not kibble. Tooth loss is not a good sign of health. Oral disease can lead to even heart diseases and a poor immunity system.

Bi-weekly tooth brushing will assist avoid this normal lap dog health problem. An attractive supply of crunchy treats and chews (high-quality natural ingredients and not too large, please) will also help your puppy keep his gleaming smile.

  1. ” Small Dog Syndrome”

Even the smallest toy canines are notorious for their determination to take on pet dogs the size of a full-grown guy. Your canine may be that brave, but he’s almost sure not to be that lucky. When a bigger pet dog approaches, secure your small pet dog from his extra-large aspirations by picking him up.

  1. Injuries

Injuries make up more than their share of lap dog health issue. Their small bones are more easily broken– sometimes, even when a small dog jumps off of the furnishings onto a hard surface. As much as possible, attempt to cushion their normal launch and landing areas by putting carpet and rugs beneath.

Small dogs tend to get underfoot more, and unlike the case of a bigger animal, those small bones can easily be hurt if he is mistakenly stepped on. Lots of owners find the best option is discovering to “shuffle” around their pet dog and they don’t lift their feet too high.

    4. Hypoglycemia

Small dogs are also more prone to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) because of their faster metabolism. Focusing on the first signs of any disease and taking instant action can considerably help to keep lap dog health problems in check.

Small pet dogs are typically long-lived, health problem has even higher ramifications when it comes to little canine health problems. Lots of opportunistic health problems like viruses and bacterial infections can take control of a lap dog’s system a lot more rapidly, triggering them to go downhill rapidly.

While on the surface, small dog health issue might appear to be much the same as any other pet dog’s, health problems can have a larger result on their tiny systems. By being diligent on your part, you will help to more effectively treat and avoid many small dog illness!

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