How To Buy Pet Clothes For Your Dog

Dressing up small dogs has become a very popular trend. The small dog clothes styles available today are just so adorable that loving owners cannot resist dressing their furry friends up. They look great all dressed up in fancy duds, boots and hair bows. Due to their size and amount of fur for some small breeds, it is really quite practical to cover them to keep them from the cold and damp elements. There is definitely a functional need for small dog clothes but buying small dog clothes is usually done for the fashion aspect instead of the practicality. Little pooches have themselves become a fashion accessory.

If you have a hairless dog, it is extremely important to keep them warm when cold outside or inside when the air conditioning is blasting. A cute little dog t-shirt would be a great idea year-round even indoors. When they venture out you will probably want to add a sweater or a coat plus some dog boots.

Do dogs like to wear clothes?  Just as small dogs like to be held or carried around in fashionable carriers, they like the comfort that clothing provides.  If your dog does take to dressing up, finding small dog clothes is not the difficult part.

Ready to shop? Decide if you want to shop locally or on the internet.

There are really only two advantages to shopping locally verses shopping online.  You can get your product immediately and you can actually see the merchandise before purchasing.  These would be strong reasons if you needed your dog’s clothing immediately and you could tell size just by looking at it.

On the other hand, shopping online for small dog clothes has many advantages over shopping at a local store if you follow these guidelines:

1)    Check the sizing charts carefully.  This is the key to a successful dog clothing purchase.  You will find a great variety of sizes from teacup to XXS-Medium.  Follow measuring instructions precisely because one designer’s XXS may be the same size as a different designer’s teacup size.

2)    Be careful when purchasing clothes based on breed type.  Just because a size says it should fit your dog breed does not mean it will.  Not all Yorkshire Terriers, for example, are the same size.  Instead try to find clothing that tells you how to measure and be sure to measure accurately.  This is how you will get the best fit.

3)    Read the descriptions provided.  Most descriptions will give you information on the product and will let you know if the clothing is machine washable.  This is a must for dog clothes.

4)  An added bonus to shopping online is that you can usually find a store that offers free shipping or other incentives or discounts.

5)  You will find a better size selection online but pay close attention to sizing when placing an order. Make sure you select the proper size.

See some popular small dog clothes styles we like.  Shop smart and your small beloved furry friend will enjoy a growing fashion collection.


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