How To Buy The Perfect Small Dog Bed For Your Toy Breed Dogs

How To Buy The Perfect Small Dog Bed For Your Small Dogs

Small dog beds are perfect for dogs like Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Pugs and other small or toy dog breeds. The choice for perfect small dog beds depends on your specific needs. Comfort is one of the reasons your dog will appreciate a new bed.

There are many types of small dog beds that go well with your family’s lifestyle.
If you travel a lot with your pet, then a portable dog bed might be more suitable. Portable small dog beds aren’t as comfortable for your dog as the stationary ones. Traveling pet beds are more like foldable mats that are thin and light. Stationary dog beds are not easy to carry and may contain a lot of cushioning material.  

When buying your bed, you also have to consider:

1. The Size and Age of your Pet.
It is best to start training a puppy to sleep in her own bed from day 1. Make sure to buy a bed that will fit her even as an adult.

2. Family Lifestyle will determine the Portability of the bed
If the family travels, you will need a portable bed. Note that they aren’t as tough as the standard stationary beds.

3. Dog Behavior
Chewing is very common and you are better off choosing an anti-chew or anti destructible bed.

4. Sleeping Style of Your Dog.
Before picking out a style of bed, observe your dog’s sleeping habits. Some dogs tuck themselves into a corner while others sleep spread eagle on the mat. This will help you make a better decision on what style or type of dog bed is more suitable for your pet. If they like to snuggle or lean on the side or corner, you may need to buy a bed with taller bumpers or edges. If your dog prefers to sleep spread out, then a wider mat is preferable.

Best Size of Bed For A Small Dog

This is the recommended bed size for small dogs:

Size/ Weight                          Recommended Bed Size
1-10lbs                                         18”L x 13”W
11-25lbs                                      24”L x 18”W

See our proposed type of dog bed.

Quick Tips of Introducing your Dog to his New bed:

  1. Reward the dog for staying in his bed with a treat
  2. Put the bed in the room your dog is used to sleeping
  3. If they insist on not being on the bed, use a comfy harness and leash to a price of furniture to prevent him from wandering off.

Some people have the notion that putting out this much effort for a dog bed is going over the top. But there are great reasons to give your dog a bed.
If you need help finding out which type of beds would be best for your pet, see our list of proposed beds.  We want every doggy parent to find success at home while keeping their pup safe and happy too!

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