How To Choose A Pet Odor Eliminator

There is no one who has not had an experience with pet odor, especially if you have ever owned a dog. Dogs have a natural instinct to urinate on things that they feel is their territory. When this happens in your home, it can be difficult to remove the smell of pet urine. So how do you know what type of cleaner would be best? This post will discuss what to look for in a good pet odor eliminator that will work for you and your situation!

1. First, the pet odor eliminator has to get rid of all possible traces of pet urine odor. If it works as a skunk odor remover, you’ll know you’re getting good value for its price!

Pets are usually attracted to the smell of their own urine. To discourage them from messing the same carpet you just cleaned up, your pet odor eliminator should completely neutralize the offending smell. Otherwise, your pets would think you’re giving them an open invitation to pee on the same spot.

2. If the eliminator is made of safe ingredients, make it a priority! Too many chemical cleaners are harmful to you and your dog’s health. Make sure that your pet urine odor remover does not contain chemicals that can accidentally harm you or your pet.

3. Can the eliminator be used on a spectrum of surfaces that include carpets and rugs, hardwood floor, ceramic tiles, linoleum, stainless steel and upholstery?

4. Finally, can it only remove the recent spots and stains? Or can the cleaning solution even remove decades-old stains and spots and still get the same 100% results? Check the label for confirmation.

Types of Pet Odor Eliminators:
For pet owners who want their house smelling fresh again, here is a brief explanation of different types of pet odor eliminators:

1. Enzymatic Cleaners – these break down proteins (which are often what causes bad smells) while enzyme deodorizers cut through strong odors.
2. Air purifiers – these reduce allergens in the air and eliminate the bad odors
3.Ozone Generators – these oxidize any type of molecule that causes pet odors on carpets and furniture.

When choosing a pet odor eliminator, the most important thing to do is consider your needs. You may want an all-purpose cleaner that will work on everything from floors and furniture to clothing or you might need something more targeted like a urine remover for carpeting. We hope this guide has provided some insight into what it takes to choose a pet odor eliminator so you can find one that best suits your home’s particular needs!

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