How To Throw A Birthday Party For Your Dog. 7 Tips For A Wagging Good Time

When Korona turned 1 year, we had a small birthday party and cake for him. It’s true that dog lovers around the world would do almost anything to make their pets happy. One trend that has continued for a while now is dog birthday parties.

We’ve attended a few other dog birthday parties and some were great. Here’s what we learnt to do when Korona’s next big birthday come around!

1. Choose The Date.
Some pet owners know when their furry friends were actually born, so they celebrate on that date each year. Other people used the day when the dog was brought home. One trick to remembering a pet’s birthdate is to associate it with a holiday or a family members birthday.

2. Select A Location.
A big backyard offers convenience and freedom, but it can also quickly turn into a mess. Consider a place that has fencing that can keep in both small and large dogs. In addition, you must decide who will be on poop scoop duty–the hosts, the owners, or a hired company. Often dog parks are a better location because they are designed to hold many dogs and are frequently situated near sitting areas for the pet parents.

3. Decorate
Give your event a party feeling by decorating the venue. Other than balloons, find dog specific party hats and favors for the day.

4. Plan For The Food.
Will the birthday dog be happier with a carob cake or a giant chicken and cheese cookie? If the cake is to be shared with the other doggie guests, the owners should be contacted in advance for any allergies. Many dogs are allergic to common ingredients such as wheat or corn. Also, will the human guests be eating too? Keeping the menu simple will ease the chaos of the occasion.

5. Invite The Guests.
Most dogs love a chance to romp and play. Inviting a few friends over with their animals not only occupies the dog of honor but also allows adults and kids to get together as well. The invitation should be clear about specific details, such as the location, the number of pets expected, leashed/unleashed, and any food that will be served, so that owners can plan in advance.

6. Consider Activities and Toys.
The dogs will need to be occupied by structured activities like fetch, or will they create their own exercise (not a good idea). Whenever toys are involved (and food), pets should be monitored for disagreements that can quickly turn into fights.

7. Celebrate!
A birthday is an extraordinary event, whether it is the canine type or the human type. It’s the day to show love, support, caring, and joy. It is also a good time to laugh at some of the crazy things a rowdy bunch of dogs will do.

There can be a fun time to have people over and celebrate the life a special member of the family! We can’t wait to have a great time at Korona’s next birthday. If you have any additional birthday party tips, please share them with us ?

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