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How to Travel Safely by Road with your Dog

Are you planning a cross-country road trip with your dog in the near future? If so, you should follow the advice I’m about to give on how to travel safely with your dog. Doing so will help your dog remain comfortable, safe, and happy, even though they are miles away from their home.

If this is your dog’s first time tagging along on one of your adventures, you should make sure they will stay calm and comfortable during the car ride. Go for some practice runs by taking your dog around town in the car. Even if it’s just a car ride around the neighborhood, this will help them grow accustomed to your vehicle and traveling in general.

You should always bring your dog’s collar leash with you on any trip they take with you. Some owners think that just because their dog is trained not to run off, they don’t need a leash. This is not only simply wrong, but it’s impolite to others and illegal is some areas.

Before you start your trip, you’ll need to pack up some food and water for your beloved canine. Pack enough food for the trip and some extra in a zip lock baggie for the car ride. A few bottles of water and a bowl will usually be enough for most car rides under a day.

If you’re traveling with a large dog, you may want to see if you can find a seatbelt harness for them. These are harnesses with attach to your cars actual seatbelt and, making traveling with your dog safer.

Small dogs usually travel long distances best when housed in a carrier or crate. This will help prevent them from being inured if you get into an accident.

As you travel, be on the lookout for rest areas and stop at least once every 2 hours so you can let your dog out for a walk. Most rest areas have designated dog areas where you can walk your pets. Keep your dog on a leash, as many rest areas are just feet away from dangerous interstates. While you’re stopped this is also a good time to see if they are hungry or thirsty.

If the trip is very long, you should bring some blankets and bedding for your dog. Make your dogs area where the stay in the car comfortable by adding some linens to it. If your dog is inside a travel carrier or crate, simply put some blankets on the bottom of it.

Bringing your dog on trips with you is a great bonding opportunity for the both of you. However, you have to do so with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. Too many owners simply allow their dogs to dangerously stand up in the back seat for the entire duration of the trip. Let’s give our dogs the love and protection they deserve. Safe travels!

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