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Should I Get a Bed for my Small Dog?

Deciding if a bed is right for your small dog might be a tough decision. They may be used to sleeping in your bed, and you may not be entirely comfortable with it.

Doggie beds are more than just a place for your pet to sleep. They have many benefits too. From designer dog beds to simple pillow types, there are many designs to choose from that will suit the needs of your pet.

The type of bed you choose will depend on your pet’s size and personality. If your small breed likes to stretch out, you’ll want a style that gives her enough room to do so. Alternatively, if your dog prefers to cuddle up in a ball, you need to look for something that cradles her and makes her feel safe. Consider your dog’s unique needs when choosing a bed, and you’ll find the style that will benefit her the most.

Here are a few ways that small dog beds can benefit your pet:

  1. Warmth and Comfort: Small dogs get cold quickly, and they need a way to stay warm and comfortable. Small dog beds are designed to be comfortable while providing a clean, dry place for your pet to snuggle up and stay warm. This is precisely what he needs.
  2. Good for Medical Conditions: If your dog has a medical condition such as arthritis or a hip condition, a soft, comfortable place to sleep. She won’t have to strain to use it like she would if she were trying to get on the couch or chair. It’s also an excellent option for dogs suffering from any other type of injury.
  3. Training New Puppies: When you first bring a new puppy into your home, training him to sleep in a doggie bed will benefit both of you because he will learn to sleep in his bed instead of on your furniture.
  4. Sense of Security: Small dog beds give your pet a sense of security. She has a special place that belongs to her where she can go to rest and sleep. This creates stability and security for your dog. 
  5. Safety: Giving your dog a bed of his own to sleep in will keep him safer. You never have to worry about a bad fall when jumping on and off the furniture. A small dog bed will also protect your pup from being stepped on by you and others who walk around sleepy at night and with poor lighting.

If your pet tends to follow you or another family member around to different rooms in the home, then consider buying multiple dog beds. Dogs don’t like to be alone, so when you’re in the living room, she’ll most likely want to be there too, and when you go to bed at night, she’ll want to be in the bedroom with you.


In conclusion, the benefits of a bed can help improve life for both of you. Dogs love their beds and feel a sense of security when in their own space. Look for affordable, comfortable options that will provide them with a small dog bed where they can rest, sleep or nap.

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