Small Dog Clothes – Our Top 10 “Must Haves” For Your Pet

Aww dressing up our pups is so much fun! There are very many varieties of small dog clothes to choose from out there today.  We want to share our current top 10 “must-haves” and why all of us pet lovers should consider having these types of clothes for dogs for our pups!

  1. A Dog Rain Coat and Hat
    This is necessary for those nasty cold rainy days when you need to keep your pet dry. If you don’t like to go outside when the rain is sleeting down without any type of rain coat or hat on, then I can pretty much guarantee you (after numerous times of pleading and pushing them out the back door) that they don’t like getting wet either.
  2. A Small Dog Sweater
    It’s great for those cold fall/spring days when you want to go on a long walk with your pet. Or maybe you’re the type of person who likes to turn the heat down during the night in winter. If you are under the covers, make sure your pet has a way to keep extra warm too.
  3. A Fleece Dog Coat
    This comes highly recommended for the excellent warmth factor, especially if your dog goes outside and plays with your kids for extended periods of time during the winter months.
  4. Pet Pajamas
    These are fun and colorful. You can train your small dog to know when it’s bedtime by putting pet pajamas on them every night. It’s a lot easier to start them off as small pups and train them so that they know when their pajamas go on, the lights go out.
  5. A Reflective Vest
    This allows your small dog to roam free in your neighborhood. Small dogs can be hard to see at times and you don’t want any accidents to occur that you could easily have been avoided.
  6. Dog Halloween Costumes
    These can be a real riot. Seeing a dachshund dressed as a hot dog makes me crack up every time. There are literally hundreds of costumes to choose from but make sure to choose one that suits the personality of your small dog. They are very sensitive to being laughed at (really!).
  7. Dog T Shirts
    These are also a scream! Some of the sayings are just crazy and really ring true. “been there, chewed that” or depending on the case, “Been there, bit that” how about, “I bit the mailman, cause I like to.”
  8. Dog Bandannas
    These are seriously cool and look great on any dog. Choose wisely though, maybe a skull and bones bandanna for your teacup poodle isn’t really a good fit….but might be perfect for your super protective Chihuahua.
  9. Small Dog Dresses
    They are really cute and grab peoples attention. There is such a wide variety that you can choose from like denim, frilly Tutu, leopard print, gingham and of course party and wedding ones too. One thing that can be really handy is that a lot of small dog dresses come with a loop that acts as a small dog harness which is really convenient for quickly clipping your leash and taking them for a walk.
  10. Small Dog Accessories
    These can be a lot of fun to play with. Bows and ribbons look great on Shih Tzus and other long-haired dogs and give them that princess/ pampered look. (Beware: Princess attitude will be sure to follow!).

All in all, small dog clothes can be a great source of entertainment and functionality at the same time. Have some fun with the outfits and your pets and just like us, humans, I’m sure they’ll let you know which one is their favorite! Have fun!


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