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Tips for Grooming A Small Dog

Tips for Grooming A Small Dog

Grooming a small dog can be difficult, but we have you covered. Today we are going to go over some basic tips for grooming your pup in order to keep them looking and feeling their best! 
There are needs and precautions unique to small dogs when grooming that should be considered. To make grooming as pleasant an experience as possible for both of you, use these tips:

  1. Never leave a leashed dog unattended in the tub. It takes only moments to strangle should the dog fall or jump off the surface it is on. Do not use a slip leash to restrain the dog.

  2. A deep sink or grooming tub is too large for a small dog to jump out of and will safely confine the dog. Keep in mind that a fall from counter height could result in significant injury for a small dog. 

  3. It is important to remember that the products you use on a medium or large dog can be toxic to very small dogs. Tea Tree oil, touted as a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and parasite repellent is toxic to small dogs and cats. Yes, there are dog and cat shampoos that contain minute amounts of tea tree oil. However, even when using on large dogs, it should never be used full strength. It is best to ask your veterinarian the dilution ratio before using any essential oil on your small dog. Use only products approved for use on small dogs and cats whether it is shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, or brushes.

  4. Since smaller animals spend more time indoors, their nails do not get ground down naturally like the nails of a dog that is outdoors often. Tiny dogs will need regular nail trimming. Use a small set of nail clippers or a motorized filing tool. Be cautious and use low speed with these tools. They cause friction and may heat the nail, causing uncomfortable burning. Be cautious when handling the delicate feet and legs of a small dog. If the dog struggles during nail trimming, take a break and move on to something soothing, like brushing. Return to nail trimming when the dog has calmed.

  5. Keeping hair around the eyes trimmed is very important with small dogs. Unkempt hair commonly causes eye infections. Use non-motorized clippers. The sound of electric trimmers is frightening.

  6. Keep the dog warm. Towel dry thoroughly. If using a blow dryer, remember that a dog’s skin is sensitive to that kind of heat and the noise is frightening. Use a low setting. In a small room, like a bathroom, sit on the floor with the dog and wave the blow dryer around. Do not hold it close to the dog or steadily in one spot. Let the dog move around.

  7. Give your dog a treat for being so good at bath time!

Most dogs, regardless of size, do not enjoy baths. Make it a game and the dog may come to look forward to it!.

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